Bundle Theme Settings

Our Bundle app has some settings that are not present in the app admin, these settings are code related settings to change specific behaviors.

Those settings can be found on your theme files, in the file Snippets/revy-bundle-script.liquid

An example of these settings are:


window.revyBundleThemeSettings = {

cart: {{ cart | json }},

locale: '{{ request.locale.iso_code }}',

reloadOnLineItemProperties: true,

disableReloadOnCartUpdate: true,

disableFacebookTracker: false,

disableBlankDiscount: false,

useH2Header: false



These settings are set using a javascript global object called  revyBundleThemeSettings, I will list here below the list of all available options, all these options are optional, if you don't have this settings your app will work anyway.
Note: Shops that don't have these settings on the theme can add the code snippet, this is true for shops that installed our app some time ago when these settings were inexistent. Just be careful to not add the settings again, to avoid duplication.

Theme Settings List


The cart option is used to boost the performance of the app, making it load faster on your theme, we recommend shops to use this option. The value of this option should be your liquid cart converted to json(see below).

Possible values: {{ cart | json }}


Our Bundle app has a feature that detect cart updates on the cart page and reloads the page automatically if a cart change is detected, this option can be used to disable this feature. Some themes have some codes that update the cart on every page load, on this cases a infinite page reloading can happen, in those cases we do recommend to enable this option(disable this feature).

Possible values: true/false


This option is used just in shops that are using Bundle discount codes, for most of the shops this is not used, but if using discount codes this option value will be used to redirect the customer to checkout and use this value as the locale parameter, eg: redirect to "/checkout?locale=en". This option is used to translate the Shopify checkout into some language.

Possible values: ISO Code of a country


Option used just if the shop is using the ScriptEditor Integration(Exclusive for Shopify Plus shops), this option is required to setup the integration properly. 

Possible values: true/false


This option disables the attribute "revy_bundle_add" on orders that have Bundles. 

Warning: This option must be used just if the Discount Type is set to "Discount Code" or if the shop is using the Script Editor integration.

Possible values:  true/false


Disables the FB pixel tracker events of the Revy Bundles app, we do track 2 events: "InitiateCheckout" and "AddToCart"

Possible values:  true/false


Disables the feature in our app that redirects to checkout page with a blank discount parameter("discount=+") if none Bundle matches.

Possible values:   true/false


Instead of using H1 html tag to build the Bundle title, using this option we will use the H2 tag.

Possible values:   true/false

If you have any questions or want some help with the Bundle Theme Settings please ping us at [email protected] and we will be happy to help ;)

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