How priority number works with Bundles

We have created the Priority number to deal with some situations, in this post we gonna explain all situations where the Priority number is used and how.

Situation 1

Two Bundles have the same product, priority number is used to determine which Bundle will show first in the product page

A Bundle in the default setting shows on the product page of the Bundle product, this is the default behavior(is possible to change this), might happen that one single product is present on more than 1 Bundle, like this:

In this case, the product with "Revy logo" is present on "Bundle 1" and "Bundle 2".

If you open the product page of the "Revy logo" product you gonna see the Bundle that has priority 2, because the highest priority Bundle will be chosen first. 

The highest number always have the priority. 

Situation 2

You set to show more than one Bundle in your product page, and a single product has multiple bundles, priority number will be used to determine the order of the Bundles showing

We have a setting to determine the number of Bundles that will show up on your product page:


Let's say we have the same Bundles of Situation 1(see the first screenshot), two Bundles for the "Revy logo" product, if the setting above is set to 2(or more) the priority number will be used to determine the order of the Bundles, always on decreasing order.

"Bundle 2" would show first because it has the priority number "2" and then "Bundle 2" below because it has the lowest priority number.

Situation 3 (deprecated)

If the shop is using Discount Code feature (deprecated) the priority number is used to select the Bundle that matches in the case of multiple Bundles matches, on the actual version of Revy Bundles we do support matching multiple Bundles at the same time, but when using Discount Codes feature it is possible to match just 1 Bundle, this is why this feature is deprecated.

In this case, the concept is very simple, if your cart has products that match more than 1 Bundle, the priority number is used to determine which Bundle will match and the discount will be applied according to this Bundle.


- Your cart products match 2 Bundles, "Bundle 1" and "Bundle 2"

- "Bundle 2" has a higher priority than "Bundle 1"

- The "Bundle 1" has a discount of 10% OFF, the "Bundle 2" has a discount of 15% OFF

If you are using the Discount Code feature(deprecated), the Bundle matched would be the "Bundle 2" and the discount of 15% OFF would be applied to your order, simply because it has the highest priority. 

DISCLAIMER: Revy Bundles App matches multiple bundles and applies multiple discounts at the same time in the actual version, for specific and rare cases we do recommend using the Discount Code feature, but to enable this you need to contact our support because this change is applied manually by our team.

Final thoughts

We do recommend set the Priority number on your Bundles if you have multiple, this can avoid showing the wrong Bundle on the product page, one tip is to set the number in order of value, the Bundles that you think are more valuable you set highest priority numbers, and in sequence decreaseing the Priority numbers to the fewer valuable Bundles.

You can use whatever number you want in the Priority number, but the order used will always be decreasing, the highest Priority numbers first.

If you need any help to figure out what numbers you should use or how this works please ask us at [email protected], we will be happy to help ;)

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