Cart Tips

Cart Tips is a Revy Bundles App feature created to increase conversion rate on your cart page, it shows a tip(text) on the cart page suggesting to the customer that if he adds more item(s) to the cart he can get a discount on that product.

In order to the Cart Tip shows on the cart line item, the following conditions must meet:

  • Shopping Cart does not match any Bundle discounts yet
  • The product needs to belong to a Quantity Bundle
  • The Quantity Bundle need to have at least 1 discount tier with greater quantity than the number of items in the cart

If all these conditions meet the Cart Tip should show, it can show in multiple cart line items at the same time if multiple products meet the conditions.

In this article you gonna learn:

Enable / Disable Cart Tips

To enable or disable the Cart Tip features please go to Settings > Cart Page > Cart Tips > Enabled.

Customizing Text

To customize the text of the tips please go to  Settings › Text › Cart Tips Tab, there you gonna found one text for each type of Bundle discount:

Customizing Color

To customize the color of the tips please go to:  Settings › Design › Colors Tab › Cart Tips

Customizing any other visual characteristics

If you want more advanced customization like font, border, etc, you can do this by using our Custom CSS feature, with this feature is possible to customize everything related to the Cart Tip (and also related to any part of the Bundles), to use this option go to  Settings › Advanced › Custom CSS:

Important: If you are not familiar with CSS and want some customization that is just possible using Custom CSS, please contact us at [email protected] and we can write down the custom CSS for you without any cost.

Customizing Position / Fixing display of Cart Tips

By default the Cart Tip will show after the cart line item title element, but is possible to change the position of the tip by mapping the cart line item in the liquid file of your cart template. To do this you should open your liquid cart template file in the theme editor (generally is the cart.liquid or cart-template.liquid file, but the file can change on every theme, you can consult your theme developer to ask where to edit your cart template).

After open the cart file you can use this code to put a place holder where you want to show the tip:

<div class="revy-bundle-tip-placeholder" data-item-key="{{ item.key }}"></div>

And save the file.

Here is an example of a cart template file with the place holder tag ABOVE the product title(by default it will show after the title):

If you want to fix the display of the cart tip or customize the position but you are not confident to do, please contact us at [email protected] and we can do this for at zero cost.

Any questions or need help setting up Cart Tips? Please let us know at [email protected] and we will answer you as soon as possible ;)

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