Disable Bundle App for whosale customers

It's possible to disable the Bundle app if the customer has some tags, it's possible to do by faking the app load, stopping it from really loading.

This is useful if you have another app that generates discounts based on the tags that customers have, these apps generally have conflicts with our app because they also generate discounts the same way as we do, to avoid conflicts we do recommend disabling our app if the customer is logged in and have the tags used by the whosale app. 

To do this, you can edit the snippets/revy-bundle-script.liquid file and add this code in the beginning(important add it to the beginning) of the file:

{% if customer.id != null %}
  {% if customer.tags contains "whosale" or customer.tags contains "whosale_customer" %}
    window.RevyBundle = {loaded: true};
  {% endif %}
{% endif %}
After doing this the Bundle app will not load if customer has the tags "whosale" or "whosale_customer".
Change the tags to the tags you want to block and save the file ;).
Important: The tags are case sensitive, which means "b2b" is not the same as "B2B", you need to block both if you are using both.
If you want that we implement it for you or need any help please reach us at [email protected] and we will be happy to help you.

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