Some orders missing Bundle discount at checkout

There are cases where some orders miss a Revy Bundle discount at the checkout when it should have, this issue is rare but it may happen for some reasons, we will list here the possible causes of this problem and solutions that may be implemented to avoid this problem.

Possible causes

  •  The visitor quickly clicks the checkout button on cart page before the Bundle App script loads and therefore Bundle discount is not applied at checkout.
  •  The visitor's internet is very slow to load the cart page and this causes our app's script to be delayed.
  •  Customer checkout using a dynamic / express checkout button (Paypal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc) 
  •  Customer checkout using a "Buy Now" / "Checkout Now" (or equivalent button) button at the product page
  •  Customer checkout using a button that is not the checkout button from the cart page


  • 1. Make the app load faster on cart page

This solution is to make our app's script load faster on cart page by adding the line below just before the closing header tag(before </head>) in the theme.liquid file.

{% if template == 'cart' %}{% include "revy-bundle-script" %}{% endif %}

This script makes the app load faster on cart pages which is where the discount is generated.

Note. For the case where the visitor's internet is very slow, the code provided above might not always work since the store's performance is generally affected.

  • 2. Disable "Buy Now" / "Checkout Now" buttons on the product page

Most Shopify themes have an option to enable customers to checkout directly from the product page by enabling a button called "Buy Now" / "Checkout Now" or equivalent, these buttons skip the cart page and send customers straight to the checkout page. 

These buttons interfere with Bundle Discount generation, our app cannot generate a discount if customers use this type of button, that's why we do recommend disabling this type of button(s), so customers can go to the cart page and from there checkout.

We do recommend disabling any button on your theme that skips cart page and go to straight to checkout.

  • 3. Disable Express / Dynamic checkout buttons

We do recommend disabling these buttons if you have them enabled on the product page, these buttons will skip cart page the same way the "Buy Now" buttons do.

PS: We do have hide these buttons on cart page if a Bundle matches, but if you want to reduce at max the possibility of missing Bundle discounts, we do recommend disable these buttons at all. Here you can learn how to disable these buttons: Adding and removing dynamic checkout buttons


Applying these solutions you can reduce almost to zero the cases of orders missing a Bundle Discount, yet it may happen if the customer internet is very slow, but it will be rare.

if you don't know how to apply some of the solutions or have any questions please let us know at [email protected] and we will halp you as soon as possible.

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