Integrating Revy Bundle App with any Cart Drawer App

It's possible to integrate the Revy Bundles Shopify App with any cart drawer app, or theme's cart drawer, the integration must be done by the cart drawer app or theme developer, we do provide a complete API that provides everything the developer needs to do the integration.

The integration will consist of two steps:

  1. Display the Bundle totals
  2. Use the Revy API to redirect to checkout

Important: To check if the Revy Bundles App is installed just use:

if(window.RevyBundle) If true the Revy Bundle app is installed.

1. Display the Bundle totals

This is crucial for cart drawer apps, they must show the Bundle prices where there is a discount applied, with this API they can return the total prices and also the prices for every variant in the cart.

They must use the Totals API:

Using this API they can get the total prices(final, original and discount value) and the same prices for every item in the cart with the Bundle discount applied (if there is a Bundle discount to apply). 

2. Use the Revy API to redirect to checkout

If the cart drawer app redirects to checkout via Javascript ( window.location.href) they must use this Javascript command instead:


This command will redirect to checkout and apply any Bundle discounts if needed. Replace the window.location.href by this.

We have created this guide to make it easy for any Cart Drawer Developer to integrate with our app, this guide is not made for a specific app, but for any app of this type, if you have suggestions or questions about the guide or anything else please ping us at [email protected] and we will answer you ASAP ;).

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