Revy Bundle App + SlideCart App Integration

To use Revy Revy Unlimited Bundles Shopify App + SlideCart Shopify App you must use this custom code below, it will replace the cart values on the cart drawer by the Revy Bundle cart values, which include the Revy Bundle discount of the cart and per line item.

Put this code before the </body> tag:

  window.SLIDECART_UPDATED = function(cart) {
  window.RevyBundle.api.getTotal(response => {
    var newCart = cart
    newCart.total_price =
    newCart.total_discount =

      for (var i = 0; i < response.bundleTotal.per_variant.length; i++) {
        var discountedItem = response.bundleTotal.per_variant[i]
        var quantity = cart.items[i].quantity

        newCart.items[i].line_price = * quantity
        newCart.items[i].original_line_price = discountedItem.item_price.original * quantity

Important: Make sure you are using the "Discount Code" or the "DraftOrder" type of discount in the Revy Bundle App settings.

If you are having issues with the code above please contact the SlideCart App support at [email protected]. Or if you have any questions or have any issues with the Revy Bundle App please contact us at [email protected].

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