Batches Feature Guide

Unlimited Bundles & Discounts app has a built-in feature called Batches.

This feature generates and creates unique bundle offer combinations for you without having to create the Bundle offers one at a time.

Note:Our Bundles app has 2 Bundle types:  

  • Quantity Bundle
  • Standard Bundle
  1. Standard Bundle allows you to add 2 or more different products into a Bundle then set a discount for the Bundle.
  2. Quantity Bundle allows you to add just 1 product per Bundle then set multiple discounts based on quantity (Tiered Discounts).

Note: Each batch allows you to select just 1 Bundle type option and therefore to create both Standard and Quantity Bundles, you need two batches.

When setting a batch you need to first put together information about the offers you want to give customers.

Is it Buy product A +A+A  for a 10% discount? or product A+B+C for a 10% discount?

Based on the above examples:

Product A +A+A  falls under Bundle type: Quantity Bundle

Product A+B+C falls under Bundle type : Standard Bundle.

Here are preparation tips before setting up batches:

  1. Identify the Bundle type you need use to set up the offers.
  2. Identify the discount/discounts you want to give customers if they add a Bundle/Bundles to the cart.
  3. Identify the products you need to Bundle.

Here is a quick video from our test store showing how to set up Standard Bundles & Quantity Bundles using the Batches feature:

Standard Bundles video URL

Quantity Bundles video URL

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