Bundle widget taking long to load

This solution is for cases where the Bundle widget takes a long time to load on the product page / any page.

Unlimited Bundles & Discounts app script is usually loaded after the required theme resources have been loaded. This means it's usually one of the last scripts to be loaded.

If, for example, a product page has lots of resources that are getting requested during loading time, it means that the Bundle widget will delay showing up.

The solution to the delay is to have the Bundle script get requested faster and not among the last scripts. Here is what needs to be done:

1. Go to your theme's theme.liquid file.

2. Locate or search for "{{ content_for_header }}"

3. Paste this revy-bundle-script code below  {{ content_for_header }}.


{{ content_for_header }}.

{% include 'revy-bundle-script' %}

Screenshot example:

Note: If you need any help optimizing Bundle loading, please let us know at the live chat or via email [email protected]

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