Show multiple Embed Bundles in a row

Learn here how to show multiple Embed Bundles in a row, like this:

Let's say you have 2 bundles and you want to show it on a row, those are the Embed codes for the bundles:

  1. <div data-revy-bundle-id="a8dc9efe-7e93-4942-a4be-04d2ceb8dae7"></div>
  2. <div data-revy-bundle-id="7ff77bbd-4166-49c9-abf4-513c1c02d319"></div>

To show it in a row, you need to combine the multiple codes into a single Embed code. To combine the codes add a ,(comma) between the codes in a single tag, don't use any space.

For the Embed codes above the combined code will be:

<div data-revy-bundle-id="a8dc9efe-7e93-4942-a4be-04d2ceb8dae7,7ff77bbd-4166-49c9-abf4-513c1c02d319"></div>

You can combine multiple codes into one, there is no limit. 

Important: Please stay aware that the Embed Bundles will break the line and jump to next line if the width of the element it is in does not support the width of the combined bundles.

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