Using Discount Badge to Increase Conversion Rate

Revy UpSell popup has a exclusive feature created to draw attention of your customers and increase your conversion rate. The goal of the Discount Badge is to show the customers how much they will save if they add the product to the cart now (take action!).

UpSell products with Discount badges have a conversion rate 30% higher than products without a discount badge.

Discount badge:

How it works

Revy Upsell has 2 ways to show the Discount Badge:

1. Using Compare-Price 

Uses the compare-price of your items to calculate % OFF and show the sale badge. You can set now the compare-price for your upsell products by going to your Shopify Store Admin > Products > Edit Product and add a compare price:

2. Add a Discount to Offer

Adding a discount to your offer adds the Discount badge in all the upsell products in the offer:

Why use Discount Badge:

Products with Discount badge are added to the cart around 30% more than normal products, the reason is that it catches the eye of customer instantly.

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