Customize Theme

Theme customization is important to match your theme with Revy Upsell popup.

We have dozens of options to customize the layout of the popup as you want, you can hide almost everything, change colors, add custom CSS, add/remove buttons, change actions, and much more.

Let me let you know just a few options you have:

  • Don't show the target product
  • Don't show the entire target section:
  • Don't show the sale ribbon for compare-price products
  • Don't show the % OFF for sale products
  • Don't show Checkout button
  • Don't show Shopping Cart button
  • Show quantity field
  • Don't show the close button

These are just a few options you have to customize the visual of the app, besides those you have plenty of options to change the color of the elements:

All these options are available to you change in the Settings section of the app.  

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