How to Uninstall Unlimited Bundles & Discounts

Automatically Uninstalling the App

We're really sorry to hear that our app isn't the solution you need. Although we're always sad to lose a customer, we understand the app won’t be a great fit for every shop. Are you having issues with the app or is there a particular feature you need that we don't yet offer? 

Uninstalling the app will both remove the app from your shop, as well as cancel your subscription. That said, you may see one final charge on your Shopify bill depending on where you are on your billing schedule.

To uninstall the app, please use below mentioned steps: 

1st: Go to the uninstall section of the App's dashboard and uninstall the script. 

2nd: After uninstalling the script, you can uninstall the app through Admin i.e. under Apps section of Shopify

Manually Uninstalling the App

Kindly go to your theme codes files;

1st: Go to the theme file Layout>> theme.liquid. and remove the script

{% include 'revy-bundle-script' %}

2nd: Go to the theme file Templates>> cart.liquid. and remove the span with the ( id='revy-cart-subtotal-label') that is wrapping the subtotal


<span id='revy-cart-subtotal-label'>{{ 'cart.general.subtotal' | t }}</span>


{{ 'cart.general.subtotal' | t }}

3rd:  Finally delete our app files 

  • Sections>> revy-contents.liquid 
  • Snippets>> revy-bundle-script.liquid

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