Show Bundle Discount in your Cart Page

By default the Revy Bundles app adds a snippet in your HTML theme(cart template) which shows if your cart matches a Bundle Discount, if matches then our snippet will run and replace your current total with the Bundle Total. Let me show you an example:

1. When none Bundle Discount matches:

2. When a Bundle Discount matches:

You have 2 options to make this Bundle Discount work and show in your cart page, most of the times the automatic option will work just fine, but sometimes not, problems like duplicated totals or not showing the Bundle discount at all may happen, if you have some problem with the Bundle Discount please use some option below.

  1. Set a manual selector for the subtotal replacement
  2. Add the default HTML element ID to your theme

Set a manual selector for the subtotal replacement

This is a new feature that allows you to change the subtotal element that will be replaced by the Bundle Discount. 

To set a manual element just go to Settings > Cart Page > Subtotal and then choose the "Manual" option in the Snippet Placement, after that insert the element selector that you want to be replaced, the field accepts HTML/CSS selectors(eg: .cart-subtotal, #subtotal, #total, etc, the selector depends on your theme).

IMPORTANT: The "Manual" option requires some knowledge of HTML/CSS selectors, please don't use this option if you don't know what you are doing. 

Add the default HTML element ID to your theme

1. Locate the total tag in your HTML template, generally the total is in some cart template of your theme (eg: cart-template.liquid). 

2. After you locate the total tag, you need to add a ID to this tag, so our app can localize your total and replaces it when needed.

The ID you should add to this tag is:


Here is an example:

Your total tag is:

<span>{{ cart.total_price | money }}</span>

After adds the Bundle total ID:

<span id="revy-cart-subtotal-price">{{ cart.total_price | money }}</span>

If you don't have any HTML knowledge we do recommend you contact our support and ask us to do this for you, we do this service for free ;).

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