Related Bundles

Related Bundles is a Revy Bundles App feature, related Bundles are basically a group of Bundles that shows at the cart page, these Bundles are chosen based on the cart items.

(In the screenshot above you can see the Related Bundles at the top, above the cart line items list)


Visitor has product A in the cart and has 2 Bundles created that contain product A.

Result: These 2 Bundles that contain product A will show as related Bundles on the cart page.

Position at the cart page

By default, our system will try to detect automatically your checkout form and add the related Bundles above this element.

To show the related Bundles in a specific place on the cart page you need to add a placement tag, the related Bundles will replace this tag, the app will search for this tag and replace it with the related bundles.

Replacement tag:

<div id="revy-bundles-related"></div>


To enable/disable this feature or configure your Related Bundles, you can open the settings at Revy Bundles App > Settings > Cart Page > Related Bundles, there you gonna find all available settings for this feature.

If you have any questions regarding Related Bundles or anything else, please let us know at [email protected] and we will try to answer you as soon as possible.

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