How to embed Bundle offers on any page (updated)

Previously Bundle offers could be embedded on any page using the embed codes. Here is our guide about this (Note: those methods in the guide still work to date)

We've made it easier to embed Bundles on any page using our app's 2 sections:

  • Embed Bundle section.
  • All Bundles section.

1.Embed Bundle section

This section lets you embed only specific Bundle offers to a page by using only the bundle ID.

It's the same as using this embed code:

<div data-revy-bundle-id="a8dc9efe-7e93-4942-a4be-04d2ceb8dae7"></div>


Here is a screenshot example:

2.All Bundles section

This section will display all Bundle offers you've created. There is no bundle ID required. It's the same as using:

<div data-revy-bundle-id="all"></div>


Here is a screenshot example.

If you have any questions or experience any challenges please let us know at [email protected] and we will be happy to answer you ;)

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