Successfully Upselling with Minimum Offers

Increase your upselling chances by having more Upsell Offers.

If you want to have success and make money with the Revy Upsell App please make sure you have at least 3 active Offers, less than 3 Offers can work, but having at least 3 Offers radically increases your upselling chances. We do have some tips to create the best conversion offers.

  • Use your popular products to promote non-popular products
  • Always use the Discount Badge: make sure you have at least 1 product with compare-price in your offers, this increases drastically the chances of upsell success.
  • Create a list of your 3 more popular products and make sure you target them.

Why have at least 3 Offers?

We did a research our merchant dabatase and discovered that when merchants have 3 or more Upsell Offers they almost always have success upselling. 

We do recommend test your most popular products as targets, to promote other products from your store using the popularity of those.

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