Discount Types

In a recently updated we have added an option for the merchants to choose the Discount Type that they want to use when using the Revy Bundles & Discount App, in this article, we will explain what's the difference between these discount types, and the pros and cons of every discount.

You can change the discount type option in Settings > General > Discount Type.

The discount types are:

Discount Code

We do recommend using this option, this discount type uses a Discount Code to generate the Bundle Discounts, it combines all the matched Bundle discounts into a single discount code that contains the discount value of all matched Bundles.


  • Match multiple Bundles
  • Fully compatible with Shopify Multi-Currency feature
  • Possibility to remove/replace the Discount Code on checkout
  • The checkout page contains the "Cart" link, and the thank you page contains the "Continue Shopping" button


  • Create multiple discount codes (we have a feature that deletes the not used Bundle Discount Codes after 24h)

Draft Order

This is the most flexible way of add discount in the Shopify items, because it allows append another discount to the cart, but it has his cons.


  • Possibility of append other discounts at the cart item level (if you are using the Revy Upsell app this discount type is recommended, because we can combine Bundle + Upsell discounts together).
  • Unique Checkout Link
  • Match multiple Bundles


  • Not fully compatible with Shopify Multi-Currency feature, it is okay to use with Multi-Currency but in the checkout page the currency will revert to default Shop currency
  • The checkout page does not contain the "Cart" link, and the thank you page does not contain the "Continue Shopping" button(we can fix this with a custom code)
  • Discount Code box is hidden, not possible to remove the current discount and use another Discount Code if customer wants

Single Discount Code

We do not recommend using this option, because now we have the Discount Code option that is pretty much the same, with the unique difference is that the Discount Code option can match multiple Bundles, while this option match just 1 Bundle.


  • Same pros of "Discount Code" type


  • Matches just 1 Bundle per checkout
  • Same cons of "Discount Code" type

To finish, our recommendation is to use the Discount Code option if you don't plan to use the Revy UpSell app together with the Bundle app, if you plan to use Revy Upsell app we recommend using the DraftOrder option because it can combine the Bundle and Upsell Discounts together.

If you have any questions about the discount types that we offer in the Revy Bundles app please let us know at [email protected] and we will be happy to answer you ;)

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