Cart Page Bundle Elements

Cart pages are essential in the customer decision-making to checkout or not, we know that and that's why we have various elements in the cart page to integrate the Revy Bundle app with your cart page the best way possible.

We will list here all the cart page elements that we have available to integrate the Bundle app and your cart page:

  1. Revy Bundle Total / Subtotal
  2. Revy Bundle Total per Line Item
  3. Cart Tips
  4. Related Bundles

1. Revy Bundle Total

This element is crucial to show customers how much discount they are getting a Bundle, it shows the old total, the applied Bundle discount and the new total.

Revy Bundle Total

This element helps in the customer decision-making, showing him that his order has a discount, and showing him exactly how much he will pay by taking the Bundle, and how much he will save.

The Revy Bundle total should show automatically in your cart when a Bundle matches, but depending on the theme this might not happen. If the Bundle total is not showing in your cart page we have a guide to implement it manually here:, or simply contact our support to implement this for you, it's free.

2. Revy Bundle Total per Line item

Revy Bundle Total per Line item

This element basically shows the Bundle discount applied per line item., it helps by giving the customers the exact price they will pay for every single item in their cart, increasing the perception that they are doing a great deal by checking out.

Most of themes don't show this discount per line item automatically due to their specific HTML structure, we do have a guide showing how to implement this feature in your cart page:, or you can simply contact our support team and ask them to implement this for you, it's free.

3. Cart Tips

Revy Bundle Cart TipsCart Tips is a very interesting feature that shows the available Quantity Bundles for a product, it helps by stimulating the customer to buy the Bundle and get a discount, instead of buying just a single item.

In some themes our app will detect the product title and add it below the product title, but we do recommend doing the manual installation to place the Cart Tip exactly where you want and make sure the Cart Tip will show. We do have this guide explaining how to do the manual installation, or if you want, we can do the manual installation for you for free, just let us know.

Revy Bundles Related Bundles

Related Bundles is a feature that shows Bundle(s) that contains the product added to the cart, it helps by showing the customers the available Bundles and discounts for the cart products he has.

Our app will try to detect where is your cart products table and add the Related Bundles(if available) above it, but we do recommend the manual installation on your cart page to make sure it will show and have more control over the position. We do have a guide: showing how to install it manually and containing more details about this feature. Or, if you prefer just contact our support that we can do the installation for you, for free.

Final Thoughts

These 4 elements make all difference in the conversion rate of your Bundles, we do recommend using them all together to maximize your chances of selling Bundles, but you can choose using just the ones that you want.

We can install the elements for you at no cost, just contact our support and tell us what elements installed you want on your cart page, then we can verify your store and install the missing ones. We do guarantee that these elements really help in the Bundle conversion rate 😊 !

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